iTunes Rip Off

One of the best examples of a big American multi-national conning Australians, is the computer and software company Apple.

At the present time, Apple charge Australians more than double the price for iTunes downloads, than it does for consumers in Britain and 80% more than it charges its European customers.

For a single track download from iTunes in Australia we pay AU$2.19 and Americans pay AU$1.29.

Remember, there is no extra cost.  If you have to ship something to Australia it can be expensive, but there is simply no extra cost to Apple, if you download an iTunes song in Australia that was generated and kept in their database in the USA.

It’s all a giant con, and that’s why we name Apple as one of the leaders in the WHATACON business duping Australians because they obviously think we are stupid.

Of course Apple will get away with this for as long as they can. See the attached article by Nick Gardener, the Finance Editor of the Sunday Telegraph headed “ITunes Prices Strike Bum Note with Music Fans”.  Note the telling point, “Apple did not return calls”.  This is without doubt one of the worst examples of aggressive, selfish capitalism.  The company makes an absolute fortune and they don’t even return phone calls to an Australian journalist trying to expose what they are doing.

I wonder if they have learned from Aldi that by being “highly secretive”, they don’t have to follow the openness of culture of a country like Australia.  I hope not.

Just look at this rip-off…

If you download Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream it costs AUD16.99 in Australia whereas if you are a US citizen it would cost AUD10.97 – yes, 64% less - what a con, what a ripoff!

So, Apple – How can you do the right thing by Australia?

1.              Bring your charges to a level so they are comparable with what people in the U.S. pay


2.              If there is a reason for higher costs in Australia, we'd like to know!  Instead of treating us like second-rate citizens because we’re not Americans.

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