Hilton Hotel Sydney WiFi $29 per day / Hilton Hotel Wichita WiFi FREE per day

Let’s look at the cost of wireless internet services (“Wi-Fi”).

Go to any McDonalds or a Starbucks and Wi-Fi is free – this shows that the cost of providing Wi-Fi is incredibly low.  But stay at the enormously wealthy US-owned Marriott Hotel chain at both their Harbour and City hotels in Sydney and they will both cost you $19.95 per day – in my belief, a totally dishonest rip-off and a con!

What is more disturbing is that if you stay at the Marriott Hotel chain in the USA, the cost of Wi-Fi is … wait for it … FREE.

Just to show what a rip-off and a con this is to Australians, is the fact that the Hilton Hotel in Wichita, USA also has free Wi-Fi – you don’t pay a cent.  However, if you go to the Hilton Hotel here in Sydney, you pay $29.95 per day.

You may ask how come American consumers can save this money whereas Australians are being ripped-off.  I believe it’s because the management of these foreign multi-national companies tend to treat Aussies as “stupid people”. They get away with rip-off 500%-plus margin charging, because they know they can if it’s not exposed.  But I have a feeling that once they are exposed, we will find that these charges will be dropped or removed – read more.

The reason I say it’s a con, is that when I have stayed at these foreign hotel chains, you will never find that the actual cost of Wi-Fi is made clear up-front.  Normally there is a document in the hotel room which mentions Wi-Fi, however you actually have to spend the time in first connecting to the wireless system itself, to find out what the actual charge is.

The same should apply to any reputable foreign multi-national, i.e. they should be proud to show the charge for any service that is not included in the hotel room tariff, right up-front and clearly.  The reason they don’t do this is obvious – they are hoping that their guests will sit down with their computers, turn them on, finally get onto the site they want, and when they have to click on to accept the charges, they will do that rather than go down to the lobby or to the nearest McDonalds to save the money.

Of course they will drop these charges faster, if we Aussies boycott the hotels which hit us with these “whatacon” rip-off charges.

Remember, look carefully at this list.  I suggest you do not support any business that has rip-off Wi-Fi charges.  Make a point of going to alternative hotels.  I have always been a great supporter of the Marriott chain since I read a book about the founders and their ethics.  I have now made a decision NOT to support the Marriott in any way until they treat Australians in an honest and ethical way, and either remove the charges completely, or they make sure up-front and on a sign in your room, that the charge for Wi-Fi is shown.

Hotel Name                      Cost per night     Wi-Fi per hour      Wi-Fi rate per day


Sydney Harbour Marriott   $359.00             50 cents per min.   $19.95 capped

Sydney City Marriott          $269.00             50 cents per min.   $19.95 capped

Sydney Hilton Hotel           $349.00             55 cents per min.   $29.95 capped

Wichita, USA Hilton            $204.65             Free                       Free

Free Wifi in Sydney is available at the following hotels: 

The Blenheim, Big Hostel, Avoca Lodge, Springfield Lodge, Posh Hotel, Perouse Lodge, Garden Lodge Sydney, High Cross Park Lodge, City Lodge Hotel, Marco Polo Motor Inn, Roslyn Gardens Serviced Apartments, Morgans Boutique Hotel, Annam Apartments Potts Point, Arts Hotel, Regents Court Apartments, Simpsons of Potts Point, Gladesville Motel, Establishment Hotel, Shangri-la Sydney, Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour, Radisson Hotel & Suites Sydney and Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney.


Please assist us by providing information on similar rip-offs. 

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