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Coming soon Rip off on mobile roaming charges

If you take an Australian mobile phone to Russia you are charged $12 per minute.  If a Russian comes to Australia with their mobile they are charged a fraction of the price.

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With the opening of another store recently, Ikea seem to be staking their claim on our lifestyles and our landscape - if not our lives - and so it amazes me to see that Ikea are yet another perpetrator of what appears to be unreasonably high prices. Yet Aussies still gullibly go there for a Sunday shopping day out, walking kilometres and wielding credit cards at the checkout only to end up being ripped off. 

Here are some examples.

Dick Smith Foods Peanut Butter

We knew it would have to happen – our own company would end up on Whatacon!

Recently a major retailer did a testing of our Peanut Butter compared with others. Of course, we knew we would be in the top percentile as this is exactly what happened with our Smooth Peanut Butter.  However, our Crunchy Peanut Butter was down near the bottom.   On checking we found that there was a faulty batch – well, that means we have to go on Whatacon!  But we can assure you we have fixed it and we are improving our taste all the time.

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